Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Hospitality: a poem by me

It's easier to visit than to play the happy host:
you come when's most convenient and you leave when best suits you.
No need to sweep the floor or to prepare a fancy meal,
or find a time which suits both James and Jordan, Peg and Bill.
Serve wine or tea? No need to fret, just drink what's passed around,
and gladly eat a meal that was prepared by other hands.
Don't feel like chatting? Never fear! Remember: guest, not host.
Just smile from time to time and nod, or laugh if there's a joke.
And when you're full of food and tired, say "thanks," and leave--that's all!
No need to wash the dishes or clear up the dinner's mess,
just go on home and brush your teeth and go to bed and dream--
of all the places you won't visit twice because you take
and never give.


Well, that's a downer. Never mind; pretend it wasn't said.
Tags: poetry

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