more blank verse

Another exercise from The Ode Less Travelled: all the A pairs are end-stopped, all the B pairs aren't.

1. Outside the Window
A) The snow comes down like broken pillows would,
or like their insides would if left to fall.

B) Like insides from a thousand shattered, torn
or ruined pillows, snow comes falling down.

2. What I'd Like to Eat
A) The cold suggests a bowl of something hot:
molasses and ground corn in pudding form.

B) It comes out hot, like lava from a small
volcano: pudding named for Indians.

3. A Recent Dream
A) Another church below ours (just a smidge);
a thousand loos but none of them would work.

B) Our church had buildings: two, but only one
was used; the lady's bathroom was a mess.

4. Pesky Tasks Overdue
A) The mess beneath where baby was last night,
but I can hear it's being vacuumed as I write. (Curses! An unintended and uncaught rhyme)

B) There isn't one, for Mom has vacuumed up
the mess beneath where baby was last night.

5. My Body (or rather the parts of it I dislike)
A) My belly flap and rotund thighs and chin;
I lose my breath if I should try to run.

B) I'm flabby everywhere, it seems, and lose
my breath if ever I should try to run.
Nice poems. What does end stopped mean? It's been 30 years since I took English Lit.
End-stopped means there's some kind of punctuation at the end of the line, stopping the flow of the verse.