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reviews: hot fuzz; brother odd; olympus has fallen; chinese gold murders

Hot Fuzz - Very funny and surprisingly insightful; Nick Angel's an example of someone whose job is really an out-working of self ('the just man justices', etc.). And then there's the whole question of being the only sane man in the room--there were times when I wanted to shout at the character, "Don't worry, you really are seeing the things you think you're seeing." Not exactly gas-lighting, but close.

The visual editing was a little odd at times, but overall held together stylistically, and was in keeping with the story being told.

Brother Odd - Either a very good or a very bad book to read while it's snowing. Smooth read--pulls you alone so you don't notice chapters going by. Odd serves as a solid counter-example to the claim that good characters are boring, and the nuns and monks are all interesting and believable characters, complete with quirks and foibles. Definitely my favorite in the series.

Olympus Has Fallen - Done almost too well (my mom and I both experienced shock symptoms while watching). I have no idea how realistic it is, but it felt real, and that takes some doing with me.

The Chinese Gold Murders - By internal chronology, the first Judge Dee mystery. All the books in the series are apparently quite accurate (though anachronistic to the historical character) when it comes to the culture and various details; it certainly holds together as if that were true. The mystery plot is fun, but the very foreign culture of imperial China is what I find so fascinating. (Great fun to read about, but I wouldn't want to live there!)
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