this is a test

Sooooooo. In hopes of writing (and posting) more regularly, I am taking the seemingly counter-intuitive step of (temporarily) getting rid of my laptop. Since I work at a library with a very nice computer lab, all this should do is prevent me from absent-mindedly wasting all my free time online instead of writing/typing up what I've written. We'll see. I figure I'll go computerless for a week, see how it goes, and then move on to a month or more. I'm betting my productivity will go through the roof, and if not, it'll still be better for my eyes.

But when I say 'this is a test' I'm really referring to the no-longer-new "scheduled post" LJ feature. I've never tried it before, so here goes.
Hope it works out for you hon but I find that for me I only spend a certain amount of time on the puter and then I find other things to do. When I'm finished answering e-mails and answering my LJ stuff I'm off the computer and doing something else.
That's great! I wish I had your willpower. Right now, it's almost like a physical addiction, which is why I'm only answering email in moments snatched at work--that way it doesn't have a chance to turn into a 6-hour link crawl.
Ah yes, fanfic. Bane of my life. That's the real reason I needed to get rid of an internet connection.
Well, since I couldn't take my computer with me to read all the fic I saved I was glad when they came out with the e-readers and I could finally get one and found out I could download and convert the fic to put on it as well. Now I can take all my fic with me and read to my little hearts content as I had to spend many days at doctors board out of my mind.
Well, I suppose that's a good use of Kindle/fanfic if ever there was one. I wish you better health!