a momentous occasion

Welp, our hens have started laying again. In the middle of the coldest temperatures and most snow we've had all winter. (We're talking quite a ways below freezing, here.) I'm sure there's some logic there, but I'm not seeing it.

Oh well. I'm not going to complain about fresh eggs!
I can see it, after all it's cold and staying close together for warmth leads to some chicken hanky panky. lol
It's a risky business, keeping a rooster in suburbia (or ruburbia)--a good way to annoy your neighbors, and no real return for it, as you get eggs either way. The only reason to keep one is if you're hoping to increase your flock without having to buy chicks. Otherwise, the best place for your rooster is in the stewpot (as my sister and her husband did with their unwanted rooster, once they found a local butcher).

(They managed to find homes for the others, or those would have gone in the stewpot as well.)
Ak...I can't see keeping something around like a pet and them eating it. Sorry. Glad they got rid of the rest.
Well, he definitely wasn't a pet--no name, for one thing, and he was a huge annoyance because he had to be kept separately, indoors (to minimize the crowing), and went through tremendous amounts of food and bedding. They were very happy to eat him in the end.