i'm not a tree-hugger, but

Why do the people on our street keep cutting down the trees in their front yards? It makes everything feel very exposed (and hot, in the summer) and, well, bare. And some of the trees (like the one currently being cut down) were practically friends--this one I've known 22 years.

I'm going to go hide in the basement so I don't have to watch.
We cut down almost all the trees in our yard and talked the neighbor into cutting down 2 of his who's roots were pushing our cinder block wall down and growing under our driveway. Trees are nice but with all the bad weather and wind storms we've been having over the years, worrying about one of them coming down on top of the house or the cars in the driveway was more important than having them. We still have the large pine tree that my mother planted when I was born. It hangs over my bedroom. Hope it stands the test of time!
Some of the tree-chopping was understandable, but a whole bunch of them came down for no reason beyond "didn't want to have to rake the leaves anymore". Which I would be more sympathetic to if I considered having a grass lawn anything other than fashionable. Especially since trees (or rather, their shade) are the only things making summers halfway bearable around here.
Hey, I'm happy for the one hanging over my room. It's the only one really left but the damage/cost to the wall and driveway was too much and my dad wanted to do something about it. He still has to rake leaves because they blow into the yard regardless of having no trees so no excuse there for getting rid of them so they would not have to rake. We get so much you would think we had a lot of trees. LOL

With my one big tree and the air conditioner my summers are bearable.