commas are important

Thanks to a typo in today's devotional, I'm currently wondering who "Lord my eyes" is, and what it is, exactly, that I'm asking him to open. ("Open, Lord my eyes ...")

Hm. Likely he's the king's spy-master/chief of intelligence, and there are other lords with similar titles: Lord My Arm, who is head of the military; Lord My Feet, who oversees and maintains roads/other forms of transportation; Lord My Stomach, in charge of agriculture. Can't think of any more off the top of my head, but I'm sure as it became more of a hereditary aristocracy type system and less of a meritocracy/job description type thing, you'd wind up with "Lord My Little Finger" and "Lady My Earlobe" and "Sir My Right Knee", which all sorts of fancy reasoning to turn what sounds like an insult into a bit of flattery.

...I kind of want to read a story set in the society, although I have no desire to write one myself. (Or inspiration; what I've written is actually slightly more than I've got.)
Lord my head - science, Lord my ears - broadcasting organisation - although he frequently has trouble with Lady my tongue who's in charage of communication, their "in charge of"-areas just overlap too much to their tastes.

And who's "Lord my hair"?

Last we saw him he was military commander of Atlantis. ;-)

Lady my tongue is a good one. Seems like it would have to be set in relatively technologically advanced culture for the titles to be used to their fullest extent.
I could totally see this being a very rough translation of a very old, difficult language, and of course these aren't the actual translations but it's such a tricky language and this is the best the translators can come up with (and mostly manage to keep a straight face while doing so).