dean bw

a summer evening

Sometimes I look out my window at the sky and think


just now, the trees stand like paper cut-outs against a watercolor sky, and I don't know why it makes me want to weep but it does.

In completely unrelated news, we are now getting lovely little blue eggs from our hens. We have not yet begun eating them, but that's because we've been in Massachusetts and haven't had a chance to. Perhaps tomorrow. Also, I am another full year older, but I doubt you'd be able to tell if you met me. I feel much the same as I did before, and my appearance seems to be mostly unaltered. A bit more white, but that's been happening since high school.
*hugs back*

A belatedly thank you! It was a fairly happy day, aside from a few tensions which are to be expected with certain parts of my extended family. (For instance, my grandmother always bakes me the same kind of cake, which I absolutely detest, but she's the kind of person where I can't say anything about it or she'll take it as a rejection of her and go into a towering rage.)
And a belated thank you! It was very nice. I spent it on a lake with family members I get to see only once a year.