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blast from the past

Discovered this in the front of what I thought was a blank notebook, from my senior year of college, written during the mandatory viewing of Wagner's Tristan and Isolde--for a seminar, not as cruel and unusual punishment, although it felt like it at the time:


It never stops, never breathes. I can see what Mark Twain meant about Wagner being enough kill you unless dealt in small doses.

The moral of Tristan and Isolde: poison or love-potion, magic's bad news either way.

It would help if they captioned the whole opera, instead of leaving bits out.

It's one big long wallow in the emo. Isolde is so completely self-centered that she doesn't deserve either Brangen [sp? handwriting's a bit dodgy here] or Tristan.

Seems like Isolde should be pissed at herself, not Tristan, unless Tristan stabbed Marke [sp? I can tell I was writing this in the near-dark, and surreptitiously] in the back or something.

Why opera bugs me so much (tragic opera, at least)--actually, let me amend that: why T & I bugs me. The characters are all emo and lacking in common sense--except for Brangen [sp?] and even she does something pretty stupid. Also, Isolde kind of make me want to smack her. Tristan too, but for different reasons. Seriously, what is up with his desire to die? Everyone calls him this great hero and brave warrior and paragon--he sure doesn't act like one. Needs some prozac?

(Admittedly, the bit with the hunting horns was cool.)

Hey--Tristan is totally fanon John! The one who is all repressed and screwed up and can't get over 'teh guilt'.

[and then it devolves into a page of now-outdated world-building notes, until:]

*clutches tattered remnants of sanity*

Managed to survive all four hours of Wagner's T & I, but I think my ears are bleeding. And maybe my brain. However, I can now report that fandom's emo/repressed!John has nuthin' on Wagner's Tristan.

I am going to rewatch the last minute of "Midway" and then go to bed.
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