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We've had more snow (and certainly more snow falls) during March than the rest of this winter put together. It's like March is trying to prove something. Not that the snow sticks around for long, but it's been so frequent that really doesn't matter.

Now if we could have just one good blizzard....

Unrelatedly: chicken drama all solved, thanks to sister's shed and the explanation from my dad that he wasn't dubious about chickens, but rather the current crop of 24 chickens, especially as we'll only be keeping 4-5, and the way they were beginning to make the basement smell.
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The Ides of March!

Now if we could have just one good blizzard.... Are you crazy! No more snow. Storm coming Monday, I have had enough! Spring my butt!

4-5 out of 24? Where will the others go?
I was raised in SE Pennsylvania by a transplanted New Englander--I always expect more snow than we get: in my mind, winter means SNOW on the ground, darn it, and otherwise it's just the in-between bit that connects fall and spring.

Some of the 24 will turn out to be boys, and will be disposed of one way or the other. The others will be disseminated among our chicken-raising friends, of which we have quite a few. My sister's hoping to keep 4-6 as well.
When I was younger we had lots of snow (which I was used to as well) and then it changed for quite some time. We are heading back to those times and as much as I like snow at times, I'm ready for spring and since the daffodil's, Crocus and Hyacinths are coming up already it tells them and me it's time for warmer weather! LOL

Oh, so the boys will be dinner eventually and the rest will lay eggs. Hope most are girls then, I'm a bird lover after all.
It is a great misfortune, to be born a boy chicken. But at least they'll have gotten to hang around longer than they would have otherwise...

P.S. It snowed again today.

Well it's raining here right now, it's supposed to change over to snow. Should be great for the morning when I have to go to PT. I can slip down the drive and land on my butt, and can add it on the PT's list of things I have to work on to be able to use with less pain again. Hope you enjoy it though but I'm done with this portion of winter!!! LOL
Our chickens were never named and we were traumatised by the big white rooster that used to chase us. Don't like chickens (except to eat) but I also don't like sheep for much the same reason! :)
Well, we're not keeping any roosters (although we can hear that there's one masquerading as a hen at the moment; just need to catch him in the act of crowing), so my itty-bitty niece shouldn't wind up traumatized. :P

The hens themselves are all rather sweet (or skittish), and quite lovely. I need to put up some pictures, now that they've got all their adult feathers in.