Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

augh - chicken edition

Current sentiment: they're all going to die. Had to move the chicks into two cages, although as our second waterer/feeder combo isn't yet here, we've kind of built a tunnel between the two cages (which the chicks are currently too freaked out to use) and my dad is convinced that we can't keep them anyway because our yard is too much of a swamp. Which it is, in (large) spots, but there's also a nice flat area that we could just build up a little (courtesy of our dead pool) and he was so enthusiastic a day or two ago--

I have to keep reminding myself a) we know a whole bunch of people who keep chickens already and have expressed interest in taking some of them off our hands once they're older and b) THEY WERE ALL GOING TO DIE ANYWAY. At least this way the girls have a chance. (It's bad luck to be born a boy chicken, unless you win the lottery and get your own harem. But that's a reeeeeeally small chance.)

Part of what's making him doubtful is the start-up cost, I think. Well, I was planning to offer to pay for everything, anyway.

Augh. It's his fault for raising us on stories of his farmboy childhood and consistently bringing up the possibility of keeping our own chickens.
Tags: home life

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