daddy's girl

with a cheep cheep cheep...

Unexpectedly, we now have 19 baby chickens. In a box in our dining room. They make rather more than noise than one would expect.
Chicks! :) We've raised chickens from babies before. They are very cute.
They are very, very cute. Especially the ones marked like sparrows....

(We have only guesses at the breeds at the moment, as they were rescued from a classroom before they could be killed and fed to zoo animals. Trufax.)
My brother-in-law works with a elementry school science enrichment program, and they just did a section on the life-cycle of an egg. The eggs no longer being eggs, it was either us or hungry zoo animals. Srsly.
At least a few. We're hoping to give away some of them, as 19 (well, it'll probably be 18 come tomorrow morning) is way too many for the amount of land we have. (Although some of them are bound to be boys, and they won't stick around long...)
Pics or it didn't happen! Sorry, I had to. But seriously, that sounds adorable. Maybe kind of messy, but super cute. Just chick-sitting or planning on a mini-farm type thing?
Maybe I'll get some up tomorrow. They're adorable, so I kind of have to share. We've been talking about keeping chickens for a while now, so this feels a bit like God saying to us "Well, here you go. Stop dithering and actually do it."