whale-watching in iceland

I have Iceland on the mind, as I've been uploading and annotating the second half of the photos I took there two years ago. If you're ever there, do go whale-watching. It's amazing, even when there aren't any whales to look at.
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I went whale-watching last year in Boston, about an hour and a half away from the harbor. It was pretty amazing, there were a few minke whales and a couple of humpback whales. Sadly, I managed to be on the wrong side of the boat both times a humpback came right out of the water, but it was still damn cool to see them swimming around and flipping over. I really love this video too :)
Wow--that is an amazing video! We didn't get to see any humpbacks, as we were there during the wrong season for that, but we did see a whole bunch of minke whales and dolphins.