whale-watching in iceland

I have Iceland on the mind, as I've been uploading and annotating the second half of the photos I took there two years ago. If you're ever there, do go whale-watching. It's amazing, even when there aren't any whales to look at.
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I went whale-watching last year in Boston, about an hour and a half away from the harbor. It was pretty amazing, there were a few minke whales and a couple of humpback whales. Sadly, I managed to be on the wrong side of the boat both times a humpback came right out of the water, but it was still damn cool to see them swimming around and flipping over. I really love this video too :)
Wow--that is an amazing video! We didn't get to see any humpbacks, as we were there during the wrong season for that, but we did see a whole bunch of minke whales and dolphins.
Never been but would like to see it myself one day! Glad you had a great time.
It's unbelievably beautiful, and there's no mosquitoes. And pretty much everybody speaks English (even most of the signs are in English!), so it's very easy to go places and do things and not feel like an idiot in the process.