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Not actually from my Youtube favorites, but a real-life favorite; we've sung this several times as the offertory at church, and each time, I've thought that I could spend the rest of my life singing it. Which makes heaven seem rather more appealing than when I was in high school and terrified of eternity.

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...I want to go to your church! Lovely, lovely. So many of the hymns that I like best are the old standards, though I don't recognize this one. My own parish doesn't have a choir, just a very amateurish folk group and an organist with a very wispy voice. Sometimes I do very much miss the parish I grew up in, which had our childrens' choir plus a very good adult choir, and a folk group led by a music professional. Sigh. Ah, well, I'd scream if I had to move back to that town, though, away from the beautiful Allegheny foothills and watercourses. <3
Well, we are blessed with a number of very skilled amateur/professional musicians in our congregation and an organist/musical director willing to try some more ambitious classical pieces in addition to the standard arranged hymns. (It does make for a rather jarring transition whenever my dad does pulpit supply for nearby local churches (he's ordained, but a professor, not pastor), as most of them follow the "praise and worship" style of music and service structure.)

I would suggest watching the video again, as I somehow embedded the wrong video; Billings is always lovely, but the piece that's now embedded is ... well, as I said, it's one of my absolute favorites and I could sing/listen to it all day.
(just Googled "Allegheny mountains" and wow, you have some lovely landscape going on there. of course, I'm in love with where I am, so the first thing that springs to mind is "that looks just like that one chunk of the Delaware" which is a rather huge compliment coming from me)

(if only the developers would stop building mcmansions all over the place!)