make all things new

Thanks to the last couple of weeks and all the stuff that's been happening to people I know (and to me, a little, but nothing worth mention), I think I can finally understand the people who listen to Harold Camping and his ilk. Before, I've mostly been taken aback and somewhat indignant with the presumption and arrogance of those making the predictions about the end of the world, but now I feel mostly sympathy for those who believe them.

Life, after all, is pretty horrid sometimes. People you love die, people you have to work with are petty and bullheaded and don't listen to reason, family and friends make themselves miserable through bad choice after bad choice (or are made miserable thanks to bad luck or injustice). The government does too much or not enough. Trees get chopped down just because they're mildly inconvenient. (That's been happening a lot right around where I live and it hurts). And the same happens those born in the wrong place at the wrong time (and that should hurt more than the trees, but it doesn't because I don't have to walk by it every day, and sometimes I truly despise myself). The church, which should be a place of solace, of comfort, a sanctuary from the world, turns out to be as full of pettiness and bullheadedness as anywhere else.

The Lord coming, making all things new, right--justice and peace and love finally done truly, lastingly--who wouldn't want these things?

But we haven't been given a time, have in fact been told we won't know, can't know, until it actually happens. So all we can do is watch and wait and pray.

Come, Lord, and tarry not.
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:-) Your faith is really, very, very beautiful. Thank you for posting this.

Here, I'll trade you. :-)

That's a lovely song. Thank you for sharing. And for supporting me in my faith--I'll try to continue doing the same for you. *hugs*
Well, it's certainly the more enjoyable way to do it--and also, things have gotten better (in one way or another) since I posted this, as I knew they would. "This too shall pass", eh?

But it does help to know that the end is going to be a happy one.