poem by me: keep us in thy way

My Lord,
Steep and the slow the path you've placed us on,
The ground dim and uncertain,
Our only light the curl of pink along the horizon
Heralding the far-off dawn.
Keep us in the way--let not our feet stumble,
Wander from where you would have us go,
Our hearts fill with deep despair,
Our eyes close in sleep or woe.
Bring us at the last to your radiant throne,
That we might rejoice in the sight of you
And bring glory to your glorious name,
And not weep to see the rising sun.
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Thanks! It presented itself to me pretty much as is--I had to tweak a word or two as I wrote it down, but I had the thing entire in my head. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, the result is almost always good.

I keep rereading it, slightly surprised that it's mine.