not bread alone, but...

Bread is still pretty much my favorite food. Right up there with Dutch apple pie.


favorite kind of bread? (yes, checking all options is allowed)

honey oatmeal
I really really tried, but I couldn't come up with a Batman option

I'm so very ready for it to be Christmas vacation. Soooooo ready.
you forgot honey wheat, french, italian, potato, olive and chocolate. Batman's on a low carb diet and doesn't eat bread?

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Ah, there's just too many kinds of yummy bread to name them all. :D

Well, in the Nolan movies Batman seems to exist on green protein shakes, so it's possible... :P
It's delicious! Almost sweet, but not quite, with a lovely fluffy, chewy texture, and a golden crust and creamy yellow inside.
Do you mean Challah? Or do you mean the late lamented egg bagel? They were absolutely yummy! One egg bagel with cream cheese was a filling meal.
What happened to Italian?

I'll go for Batman is on a low carb diet and doesn't eat bread unless it's a holiday.

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I forgot it? We almost never eat Italian bread, so it didn't even cross my mind as an option.
Oh man, I totally should have had pumpernickle as the Batman option! Good catch.

Maybe when you're here next week (next week!!!!) we'll make you some.
My favorite white is Italian, favorite wheat I haven't found yet--there's always new and better versions cropping up! I always try to have a loaf of oatnut, seven grain, or anything else that looks extra yummy on hand each week, too. Guess my health-nut mom's had an impact on me in that regard, anyway! ^^

Batman can't get enough of the pumpernickel, in my opinion (yup, gladgrace nailed it!), but he always manages to get Albert to actually *say* it. That word is his one secret mote of self-consciousness.... lol
I'd forgotten Italian was even an option--we eat French fairly often, as it's an easy recipe with our bread machine, but I don't think there's one listed for Italian. (I'm drawing a complete blank; can't even think what it tastes/looks like!)

*giggles at the thought of Alfred saying "pumpernickle"*
It looks like French but has a crisp crust not soft. Sometimes it has herbs as well. French is my favorite "squashy" bread. I can eat an entire loaf just tearing pieces off.
What brand of bread machine do you have? Also what's the capacity? 1 lb, 1.5 lbs, 2lbs? You could probably make Italian if you used the dough cycle and shaped and baked it in the oven. I have 3 bread machines (one which will be given away) and a number of baking books. I actually have a bookcase of cookbooks in my kitchen. Only two shelves of cookbooks.