It's not unseasonal if they're far enough south in the Northern Hemisphere or are in the Southern Hemisphere. Is that supposed to be a diving board? I thought it was a tree branch.

Do you mind if I use little dude and turtle in a story? I really want to write the story of Turtle's visit to his grandmother for the holidays. The bunny has clung to me for months!
There's actually a ladder up the left side of the picture, but it scanned poorly and I was too lazy to try and do a better job of it.

Go right ahead! All of my stuff is open for remixing/sequelizing/whatever. I just appreciate credit of some sort, and a link to whatever you wind up doing, if it's online.
It's going to be 40 degrees Celsius tomorrow (think stinking HOT) so it's an outdoor pool with lots of sunshades! :)