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reviews: moist von lipwig! and some other stuff

Title: Mentalist (beginning of 4th season)
Reason watched: Watched it a while back, was curious to see where things had wound up.
Notes: Fun, but ... not compelling enough for me to continue watching. All the manipulation leaves a bad after-taste in my mental mouth, even though it's entertaining at the time. Also, gun-owners being regularly portrayed as crazies is a bit annoying. I live in hunting territory; at least half the people I know own and use a gun of some kind and are perfectly normal and sane. Gets a bit wearing to watch a show that seems to be trying to tell me otherwise.

Title: Person of Interest
Reason watched: Various people on my friends-list mentioned it, sounded like something worth checking out.
Notes: Interesting (I wound up watching all the available episodes in one go, without meaning to), but again, not something I'll continue watching in the future. I've been trying to weigh my choice of entertainment more carefully these last few months, especially taking Philippians 4:8 into account, and while there's not any reason to not watch it, there's not really any reason to continue doing so either. And given how many unfinished projects I have sitting and staring at me, TV is pretty far down the list of ways I should be spending my time.

Title: Complete Father Brown
Reason read: Just got my paperback omnibus rebound as a hardback--so much nicer to read!
Notes: Father Brown is an old favorite--some of the stories are a bit ridiculous, and the sterotypes (especially about the Americans) are a bit hard to swallow, but Father Brown himself is enough to make me forget about all that. There aren't many main characters who are consistently humble and loving and a picture of what the Christian should aim for. I wish there were more stories about him, so I could spend more time with him.

Title: Going Postal (film)
Reason watched: Loved the book, loved the previous adaptations, expected to love this.
Notes: Didn't, though. The acting, directing, costuming, etc., was all brilliant, but the story... The story wasn't the one that's in the book, and that's what I thought I'd be watching. If I hadn't nearly memorized the book, I probably would have enjoyed the film adaptation better: there wasn't anything wrong with it, it just wasn't the right story.

Title: Going Postal (book)
Reason read: Wanted to check whether my memory of the story was correct.
Notes: It was, but the book was even better, as there's so much going on in the way it's narrated, in the asides and footnotes (I love a good footnote or four). In the film version, Moist von Lipwig is skilled but somewhat hapless; in the book, he's like a weeble-wobble: just when you think he's down, he's actually back up and doing better than before. It's fascinating to read about.

Title: Making Money
Reason read: Sequel to Going Postal, and just as much fun.
Notes: Same thing, only with the banking system instead of information transmission--and all the relationships picking up and proceeding from where they left off in the previous book. The City Watch (Vimes!) has a bit more of a role this time, which is fun to see from Moist's viewpoint; I'd love to read something handling the same events from the Watch's side of things.

Also read a batch of webcomics; good quality, all of them, but still in the early days and so I'm not going to list them--maybe if I get around to checking back with them in the future, but I've been burned by and lost interest in too many of 'em to do it now. (Although Battlepug does seem pretty promising.)
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