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lookin' at the internet, the internet looks back

Well, this week I made the switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer 9 for one reason only: to make my internet browsing more difficult. For a while I've been struggling with the logistics of keeping myself for spending umpteen hours a day online without simply pulling the plug. Firefox had the handy add-ons "blocksite" and "leechblocker", but the problem with both of these is that they came with a disable button and no way to make case-by-case exceptions. IE9's content advisory also comes with a disable button, but it also allows you the option of entering a password to access each blocked site. So I can use it as a way to slow down and hamper my watching of things on Youtube, for instance, making it much less likely that I'll check out the vaguely interesting videos listed in the "you might also like" section. Add in a password that's long and borrowed from Augustine (Lord, make me chaste!), and there's definitely less surfing (and less frustration with myself) going on. I do miss Adblock Plus and a couple other Firefox add-ons, but that just encourages me to spend less time online.

And along those lines, I'd better post this and get on to dealing with the piles of paperwork sitting on my desk. Why is it so much easier to keep on top of that kind of thing at work? Aside from getting paid for it ...

what browser do you use at home?

Internet Explorer
Batman doesn't NEED a browser for the internet
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