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in which not much is said

So, hey, after doing a bunch of semi-reliable online diagnostic quizzes and talking to my boss, I have to come to the conclusion that I am not dead, but merely burned out from work. (Which I really should have been on the look-out for; what was supposed to be a temporary doubling of duties has turned, after two years, into a long-term thing, and ... I'm really tired, is all.) Am now trying to re-structure personal life so that I actually have one, instead of just eating meals with family and then going off to stare at my computer screen for several more hours after having spent the bulk of the day doing that; it's astonishing that I haven't ruined my eyes from it all. Writing would be good, as I have a deadline fast approaching, and it actually makes me happy, instead of merely occupied. Cleaning more often would also be good, as I've had a small onslaught of baby spiders. Cute, I suppose, but annoying, and now all gone squish.

The state of my room generally reflects the interior of my head, so I've been cleaning (slowly) that today, with many breaks to do things such as play with the marionette I found in my closet. In process, realized I haven't done something just because it's fun very often the last few months. Also haven't responded to comments or done much of anything on here, which is another sort of fun.

Am still alive. Are you?

Does Batman punch Joker when he gets the chance?
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