sailors take warning

First time in probably 10 years or so that I've seen an honest-to-goodness red sky in the morning. Sort of an orange-red, but definitely red. Which means everything has a faint reddish tinge at the moment--kind of eerie. As is the almost black sky to the west. Right now feels like the calm before a rather impressive storm.

I guess August isn't done trying to drown us.

What's the most impressive weather sky you've seen?
That does sound pretty cool!

I've seen red lightning - that was neat. And bright green tornado skies, which were unusual for me, at least.

In the summer, when the Alaskan evenings are really long and bright, we sometimes get cloudy skies that are lit up with sunset colors behind the clouds -- it's hard to describe, but it fills the whole world with orange light. (That's the explanation behind the bottom photo in this set. That picture was taken around midnight, I think.) One night there were rainbows too, on top of the bright orange skies. Very unusual.
Sounds amazing! Our skies are almost always just blue. Or gray. We do have nice sunsets, though.
Strange that you should ask that just now--a few hours ago, we had a big but short-lived thunderstorm right around sunset. As it was petering out, I looked out a window facing away from the sun, and the sky was a rich cerulean blue, while the light hitting the clouds was such a vibrant orange!! Not actually rare, but it still felt so strange to see those Maxfield Parrish colors in real life! ^^

The skies there must be so very beautiful at times, friendshipper! I've always thought of Alaska as a semi-magical sort of place....
It's always amazing to see that kind of thing--we get that sort of effect here sometimes, and "it's a Maxfield Parrish sky" is how my family always refers to it. :)
While in Utah I saw a rainbow cloud, a strip of cloud striped in all the colors the rainbow. It was awesome.

I have a picture of it here if you scroll down to the very bottom.
The most impressive sky I've ever seen was when it turned a deep, dark green color right before a tornado hit.

I think I was around eight years old or so, and I was living smack in the middle of "Tornado Alley".