new laptop!

Lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely!

Oh, I have missed having my own computer!
Thanks! I'm not fully back--am still in the process of recovering favorites online and recreating edits and other minor stuff that got lost when my old laptop decided to stop turning on. But by next week, we should be back up and running at full speed!
Ahahaha--even as I type this, I have another, longish email in the works to you. Oh the pleasurable convenience of having my own laptop at my own desk! I'm going to make the most of it before the novelty wears off. :P
It's my baby! (Well, that's what I named it, anyway.)

I loff it a lot. Looks like Darth Vader's laptop, as it's entirely black except for a little bit of silver and red trim. Very sleek.
I hadn't realized how OLD my old laptop was until now. This new one's so fast! And quiet! (And cool and light and other nice things.) So I'm very happy indeed--especially since I had everything saved on an external drive, so the transfer was about as easy as could be managed.