Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

in which we have christmas in july

So, a long time ago, kensieg and Therese requested an illustrated story about the turtle and the little dude. Or something along those lines. And I drew it and scanned it and then never got around to editing and uploading it. Er. Better late than never?

One day, as it was nearing Christmas, the turtle asked the little dude if they could go get a Christmas tree.

The little dude said no. But his reasons weren't very convincing, so the turtle asked again. This time he spoke eloquently about the pleasure of having a beautifully decorated tree with shiny presents scattered underneath and snow falling outside and other such seasonally-appropriate things.

Oh fine, the little dude said, so they put on their hats and scarves and dug out the saw and went out to find the perfect Christmas tree.

For a very long time they could find nothing that would suit, but just as they began to give up all hope, it appeared before them like a vision.

And it was utterly perfect, and they had a wonderfully marvelous Christmas, and everything was excellent.

Even though the turtle wrapped the little dude's present in black paper and refused to explain why.

Tags: doodles

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