review (ish): Supernatural

So I've been hearing about this show called "Supernatural", and a lot of people really seem to like it. I tried, a couple of months back, to watch it online, but couldn't get a good enough connection for it to work properly. This morning I tried again, and ended up watching all six episodes currently available. With five hours in the middle spent at work, but I was almost late getting there because of this show.

And that says a lot. I don't watch many TV shows, but the ones I do, I love dearly, and I think this is going to be one of them.

It's just - Dean is the ultimate big brother, and he tries so hard and he can't fix everything all the time. And Sam is such a little sibling, self-centered even in his altruism, and he can't see what he's doing to Dean. And they're all brotherly and protective of each other pretty much all the time, except when they're squabbling, but even that's mostly because they need breathing space every now and then.

And they're competent. That's one thing very nearly guaranteed to make me like a show. Give me people who can do their job and do it consistently well.

And the shows are well written! Sometimes you can see what's coming but the boys can't, because they don't want to, and sometimes you think you see it, but don't, sometimes they're mysteries and sometimes they're not, and I loved every one of those six episodes. And that's very very rare for me. Even the shows I love, I usually spend half the time telling the characters to stop being such idiots (I hate watching TV and movies with most people, because I have a terrible time keeping quiet when somebody does something stupid) or questioning the characterizations. I didn't do that for any of the episodes - except I wish they'd wear gloves instead of touching everything with their bare hands. Fingerprints, anyone?

Anyway, this is my latest new show to watch - along with Eureka and Burn Notice. Which brings the number of TV shows I'm willing to spend time on to a grand total of 5. Maybe 6.
Hehehe... welcome to the love that is Supernatural. It kinda whops you upside the head... :)
I find it funny that so many have been sucked into the show, but it took three seasons for that to happen. I give Heros two more season before the same thing happens to it.

I watch a lot of shows but there are only a certain few that I never miss, Supernatural being one of them.

I forgot to say that what I like about the show (beyond what you mentioned) and just one of the reasons why it remains just as interesting as it had from the start is because it's so consistant. In the next two seasons they didn't try to overdo things (like I felt they did with Buffy, changing it from vampire hunting to demons trying to destroy the world) or under doing things. The major story progresses but the smaller, episodic stories are just as creepy yet distinctly unique from eachother.

In other words, the writers know they have a good thing going and have yet to try and screw it up.
Exactly. That's one of my frustrations with both Stargates and with Dr. Who - they don't seem to be going in any one direction, and when they do, it's a bit over the top.

Burn Notice seems to have that same potential for a gradual large arc (that's not too large) that ties the individual episodes together without turning them into shells of stories.

But it's early days yet. Plenty of time for the writers to screw it up.
That's why I feel bad for SGA. It's an awesome show (personally I've yet to be really disappointed except for the lack of real good Shep whump) but sometimes it's like the writers don't seem to know what they're doing, what their audience wants. I swear that's the trend with a lot of Sci-fi shows. It's always good at the start but with each season things go a little more down hill.

I can see Supernatural 'possibly' shifting from the consistancy in future seasons, but the fact that it's stayed just as good from the start for this long means it should continue to please for a while longer.
I hope so. I think the difference is that Supernatural feels like a single story that's being told piece by piece, so that each individual episode works on two levels. There's a direction to it.

SGA has yet to deliver that sort of focused, intentional storytelling - it's still too much of an episode by episode, "oh, we should probably wrap up that loose end" show. And they can't quite figure out what kind of tone they want it to have, so they end up trying for humor when they really shouldn't - "Irresponsible", for example. (That's the one with Lucius and personal shield and the horrible shootout between John and Kolya, right?)

So much potential, so rarely used as it should be.