Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

oh the weather outside is frightful

Summer's here, and that means--around here, anyway--trying to do anything physical between the hours of 9 am and 7:30 pm is really stupid. So I've begun trying to get up as soon as it's light out, so I can actually do some gardening and such without being steamed to death (thank you, Pennsylvania mugginess), and then spend the rest of the day in the basement or other shady spots moving as little as possible. Really, if I wasn't worried about the animals (hamster, fish, dog) roasting to death, I'd attempt not running the air conditioner at all.

How about you?

don't need air conditioning
don't want it, but am occasionally forced to
want it, but don't have it
it goes on the second the temperature rises above (x)
the batcave is always cool

If I sometimes seem obsessed with the weather, it's because aside from the July-September block, there's no telling what it's going to do. And when you walk to work every day, you wind up spending a lot of time trying to decide whether sweating on your way back is worth being comfortable on your way over and vice versa, et cetera. Of course, during the summers, aside from a few chance thunderstorms, the weather's going to be hot and muggy, no rain, and don't count on the breeze being any help. It's like spending four months trying to breath through a hot, damp washcloth.

...Remind me why I want to live here?
Tags: meme/poll, weather

  • february is apparently snow month this year

    I REALLY wish we still got snow days--February would've been nearly as much vacation as work, this year. :P


    :cackles maniacally: Just in time, too--our front lawn was starting to show grass again. It's all safely covered up now!

  • let it snow, let it snow (it did actually snow another 2 inches, btw)

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