oh the weather outside is frightful

Summer's here, and that means--around here, anyway--trying to do anything physical between the hours of 9 am and 7:30 pm is really stupid. So I've begun trying to get up as soon as it's light out, so I can actually do some gardening and such without being steamed to death (thank you, Pennsylvania mugginess), and then spend the rest of the day in the basement or other shady spots moving as little as possible. Really, if I wasn't worried about the animals (hamster, fish, dog) roasting to death, I'd attempt not running the air conditioner at all.

How about you?

don't need air conditioning
don't want it, but am occasionally forced to
want it, but don't have it
it goes on the second the temperature rises above (x)
the batcave is always cool

If I sometimes seem obsessed with the weather, it's because aside from the July-September block, there's no telling what it's going to do. And when you walk to work every day, you wind up spending a lot of time trying to decide whether sweating on your way back is worth being comfortable on your way over and vice versa, et cetera. Of course, during the summers, aside from a few chance thunderstorms, the weather's going to be hot and muggy, no rain, and don't count on the breeze being any help. It's like spending four months trying to breath through a hot, damp washcloth.

...Remind me why I want to live here?
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The AC is always on here most of the year. It's not muggy, we don't get enough rain for that, but it's hot most of the year.
I've been told dry heat is easier to bear than wet heat, but I've never had the chance to find out for myself. And I suppose past a certain point too hot is just plain too hot.
Our temperatures have been so all over the place that one day we'll have the A/C on and the next the heat. Though the past couple of weeks it's been pretty much in between, with a few A/C moments. I can never trust the forecast around this time.
Yeah, that's probably what it's going to be like around here--we actually have the A/C on (despite my personal preference not to) because it's 95 and going to continue on around there for the next few days, and I really don't want my betta to bake.
The temperature has been round about mid-90s for a couple of weeks here. I dread July when the temps are going to be in the 100s. We went from 60s in the middle of the day to 80s in the middle of the day, completely skipping, like, 75, which is perfect.

Our mugginess is pretty unbearable.

It used to be when I lived in Texas, I could turn the fan on and be okay, but even in October/November, the air would still have to be on. In England, I only wished I had air conditioning maybe three days of the time I was there. Opening my window usually solved the mugginess of my dorm.

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Whoo--I'll take the weather around here over that. We usually peak out in the 90's and hang around in the mid-80's during the summer. Occasionally we'll spike to the 100's, but only ever for a day or so.
Okay, so that's a little bit of a lie - I hear rumors that it's actually supposed to get hot the last half of July and the first half of August, but seeing as it's late May and still in the sixties, I'm a bit skeptical. Seriously, sixties? *checks map* Well, lookit that - I never really noticed that Seattle was as far north as Maine... really? (are you allowed to feel skeptical about geography?)
Can I come visit? :P

Yes, you are allowed to feel skeptical about geography--things look drastically different depending on the type of distortion used on the flat maps, and you can't draw straight lines on globes.
Sounds like a solid plan to me! If not for poor George (and the hammity-ham and dog, etc.) I'd also stick to fans except when the temperature reached truly horrendous heights.

I wish my work-schedule allowed Iceland to be more than a memory.... *sigh*