Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

website-y stuff (and icons)

So, the wordpress site continues to fill up slowly--just have a few more SGA stories and 5-things to add and the fanfiction section will be complete. Then it's time for original fiction and umpty-billion doodles. (Maybe I've said this before, but I hadn't realized until now just how much stuff I've created. It's kind of encouraging.) I'm also at the stage where I've begun fiddling with headers/fake covers for my stories, which is fun. I really want this iteration of my ... website-thing to be interesting to look at, as well as to read. If any of you want to help out with that, please let me know! There's a lot of stories.

Talking about being interesting to look at, I'm about to do some swapping in of new icons. If there are any you'd miss, let me know and I'll leave 'em alone.

(I keep forgetting how much I enjoy doing visual-design stuff.)

ALSO, still talking about things that are interesting to look at, go look at trishkafibble's reverse round originalbigbang entry. IT IS SPLENDIFEROUS and deserves to be looked at. And the artist deserves to be told so.
Tags: meme/poll, miscellanea

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