things that will keep you from being able to go back to sleep

Dreaming about spiders all over your bed & bedroom--the kind that are just too large to vacuum up properly. (For some reason, one of them attached itself to a box of crayons, which was somehow small enough to fit down the vacuum cleaner's nozzle but too big for the opening into the bag, and...that's when I woke up, thank goodness.)

(Really, it was more of a very mellow nightmare, I suppose.)

Jack O'Neill would find this sort of bad dream almost relaxing, I suspect.
Have you been watching Pertwee Dr Who again? Planet of The Spiders will do that to you :)
Well, I rewatched 6x04, "The Doctor's Wife", but there aren't any spiders in that one. Just Igors and dead TARDISes and eeeeeevil sentient planetoids.

...actually, I think I haven't seen any Pertwee--just Tom Baker and forward. (Mostly just Tom Baker, period.)
Check out the Three Doctors with Pertwee, Troughton and Hartnell. It's quite funny but my now twenty year old niece won't watch it because of the Blobby Monster (which looks like a bubble wrap monster :))

Baaaad typos!

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*laughs about the typos*

I'll have to see if I can get my hands on it at some point. I did see (and quite enjoy) the Five Doctors, which is really the 4 Doctors because Tom Baker isn't really in it. Still quite enjoyable, though. (Can't remember who the monster was, but there were pyramids or caves or something underground involved, I think.)
Tom Baker says he regrets not being in that now. The bad guy in The Five Doctors was Rassillon. But it also had The Daleks, The Cybermen and surprisingly it had The Master (loved Anthony Ainsley!) as a Good Guy! :)
Oh, I'd forgotten that it had the Master in it! Ainsley's take on the character did have a lovely bit of class to go with his eeeeevil. :D