fic: joy in the morning

I only just discovered that Joy in the Morning is also the title of a Jeeves & Wooster novel, but for the purposes of this post, it's the title of my newest completed story, written for the reverse bang over at originalbigbang, and prompted by this lovely piece of art. Initially it was going to be almost entirely about the two gentlemen pictured, but then I realized that a) that would mean having to read up on merchant clippers and taverns in Victorian port-towns and such; and b) it would not let me write it. So instead you get ~3,000 words of kidfic, as written by someone with no kids and very little baby-sitting experience.

You're welcome.

At the age of eleven years and ten months, twenty-four days, Joy decided all she really wanted for her birthday was a Fliek’s dragon (“I’m too old for dolls and silly games anymore, Plen!”) and she wasn’t going to let Plen give her anything else, even if she had to make up all the reasons for why it wasn’t a crazy idea (“You could use it to carry stuff into town for Uncle Increase to sell, instead of having to make Faraji do it!”).