i really like animals i like them a lot

...15 animals is what I've got.
I've got 15 animals, they're friendly and tame,
and I've given them each a special name....


big and furry! (cat/dog/woolly mammoth/mongoose/etc.)
little and furry! (guinea pig/chinese hamster/tribble/etc.)
scaly and cold! (snake/iguana/komodo dragon/etc.)
scaly and wet! (betta fish/gold fish/lamprey/great white shark/etc.)
feathered and/or flying! (parakeet/kiwi/great roc/etc.)
odds and ends! (tarantula/slime monster/snail/griffin/etc.)
i no can haz pet -_-,
i no WANT pet (heathen!)
the bats in the batcave are not pets, no matter what Robin says

TO DO: buy betta fish w/ sister
set table for Easter lunch/dinner
clean/dust for Easter lunch/dinner
put up stakes for peas if rain lets up

Actually, I've been writing, just not what I'm supposed to. It's just like being in college again!
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So these kinds of pictures weird me out now, because the anthropologist Grove Krantz' final wish was that he and his dog's bones be put on display in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. So they are - in this exact position.
That is kinda of freaky. On the one hand it seems laudable, but on the other ... yeah, freaky.
Where's the Horsies? Oh yeah, they're not pets, they're money burners!
I think horses fall under "big and furry", somewhere between "mongoose" and "woolly mammoth".
I think that's why it's such a popular bit of history: for once, the Hollywood ending is real!