bitter disappointment is....

When you look at the clock on the wall and think it reads 3:20 pm and then look at the computer clock a few minutes later and realize it's actually 2:22 pm. No, your afternoon at work is not almost over. Sorry.

As bitter disappointments go, though, I'll admit it's a fairly minor and fleeting one. How's your day going? I hope it's been full of pleasant surprises and unexpected joy.

And whimsy. Whimsy's always good, too.
I finished a videogame that I thought I couldn't. Really small potatoes, but I've been playing it for almost a month.
It's Good Friday here and I'm bumming around till it's time to take Mum to Church. And we don't go back to work until Wednesday because Easter Monday falls on Anzac Day...which means we get an extra day in lieu! :)