in which the weather is cliched

Yeah, yeah, "brings May flowers", I know how it's supposed to go. It'd better, that's all I'm saying--I'm beginning to wonder if it's possible to get SAD in the middle of spring.

current conditions are:

very very very very wet (and/or cold)
dry (and/or hot)
cloudy with a chance of meatballs
dark and brooding with a chance of bats (and robins)

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Summer ran away (not that we had much of that, it was too wet) and now it's cold. However not cold like America cold! :)
Oh yeah, you're heading into ... autumn? Do you really have autumn? Or is it just sort of summer and not-summer?
Autumn is correct (why DO you call it Fall?) and yes, Melbourne does seem to skip Autumn and but will then turn around and surprise us with a couple of days sunshine. Melbourne is moody! :D
...Because the leaves fall off the trees? The season has begun to fall into winter? I dunno. Maybe just because it's one syllable instead of two.