out like a lion?

Dear March: What's going on? Friday, we had a gorgeous, 80 degree day, and the rest of the weekend--heck, the rest of the week, up until today, was nearly as nice. And now there's snow on the ground. Not a lot, but still: snow.


I was looking forward to not having to wear a coat to work, you know.

ETA: And now hail, more snow, a thunder storm, and sleet. Going for broke, are we?
I don't trust the weather between March and May, especially March. Tricky, mean March.
It's like it can't decide what season it actually belongs to. I guess I should learn to just classify it as a season unto itself and expect everything weather-wise, including the kitchen sink. April around here tends to be a little more reasonable, and May is usually gorgeous. Unless it decides it's actually monsoon season, like it did last year.