i've been eating a lot of toast, recently

And getting rid of stuff. Which is one reason I haven't been around a whole lot--I'm hoping that getting my physical space under control will help me get my mental space under control, which will make it easier to get my writing under control. It'd better; I'm currently signed up for three ficathons over the next few months.

what do you put on your toast?

alfred wouldn't let anything not all- natural cross bruce's plate
My dad loves marmalade, although I've never been fond of it. I do like egg yolk + toast, though. Hard to beat that.

(um. ignore the pun; unintentional and rather pathetic to boot)
I'm fond of peanut butter on toast, but I've never tried pairing it with honey. Might give it a go, since it's got your endorsement. :)
*laughs* If I ever get the burning desire to have some, I'm sure it's available in the international aisle at the grocery store. Or by mail order. Amazon has everything. But thank you for the hypothetical offer. :P