meme: canon vs.

Give me a character and I'll tell you three things about the way I write them that are not supported by or are even outright contradicted by canon.

Or maybe just write Roland and Orlando snarking about them (Roland's still upset about Arthur & Merlin's popularity).

Usual fandoms: Discworld, Dr. Who, Labyrinth, Peter Pan, Song of Roland, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1. Asking for Harry Potter will get you a rant on why I pretend the last three books didn't happen, and Batman has too much mutually-contradictory canon for anything I write to make any difference.
Well, there wasn't anything wrong with book 5 except that I couldn't enjoy reading it at all. Just . . . too uncomfortable, and nothing to gain from the reading of it. Which may say more about me than the book, but there it is.

Anyhoo: the Doctor! I'm not sure I've written him enough to have 3 things, but let's give it a try.

1. This is more about the Whoniverse than the Doctor himself, but there is God, and so angels (real ones, not just the stone kind) and actual miracles, and all. And earth and humans are special for a reason...

2. Romana, not Rose, is the closest he's come so far to love-of-his-life, and that's admittedly not close at all. (Okay, so this could arguably be supported by canon, depending on your interpretation of stuff.)

3. The End of Time didn't happen. At least, not like it did on the show. Wilf was involved, and a temporarily re-embodied Master, and maybe there was some kind of attempt to breach the time-lock (oh, and the cactus aliens! because they were my favorite bits, other than Wilf), but the actual story looked utterly different and not stupid. Oh, and Donna got a proper send-off, with her being awesome and if not getting her memories back, then at least building some new ones with the Doctor or something, because that always really bugged me. And most definitely no I-must-say-good-bye-to-any-recurring-character-on-the-show delayed regeneration. If he had to delay it by force of will so that he could have the nifty explosion and TARDIS conveniently crash at Amy's house, have it be because it wouldn't be safe for him to regenerate where he could be seen or something. Because the alternative was one of the soupiest things I've seen on TV and the Doctor is better than that, even when he's gone a bit nuts.

So there. :P
River ... is definitely in a whole 'nother league from Rose, and even a bit ahead of Romana when it comes to keeping the Doctor on his toes. I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of all that. :D
Sheppard, obviously ;) (I had thought of the Doctor just to be different but that was taken).
Hm. I think I've already written about most of these, but let's see...

Okay, you already know about his mum being a descended Ancient, and about Atlantis actually kind of talking to him (and he to her) even when he's not hooked in through the chair, and about his dad being military, not big business, and about him actually having read War and Peace through a bunch of times, and him spending summers with his grandparents on their farm. What else is there?

1. Um. He's currently kind of a deist? His mum used to take him to all the churches in the area where his dad was stationed, and sometimes the synagogues too, so his understanding of God and the Bible is a bit muddied, but he does believe in the one and is familiar with the other.

2. He's as involved in the Athosian community as his duties allow, and has become quite popular with the kids as a story-teller, once he figured out the kinds of stories they were interested in.

3. Although he scorns the Ancients for having left without cleaning up the mess they made, he would do the same if ordered. And would probably hate himself a little for doing so, but without the support of the American military, it's not like he could do much before getting himself killed pointlessly. If he went back to earth, he would at least have the opportunity to talk his superiors into going back, this time with more firepower.
Hm. Neat meme! ^^

Rodney, actually. Anything rabidly non-canonical about your take on him? Nothing occurs to me....
Umk. Let's see. Well, zap all the stuff suggesting he eats too much or anyone on his team thinks he eats too much or has anything other than the usual very-focused-person's slightly screwy relationship with food.


I'm pretty sure there's at least one other thing, but I can't think of it right now (need to go to bed). If I think of it I'll add it in another comment.

Oh, I do have a fanon contraction: he's not a genius at the piano. I've run across a bunch of stories where he'd sit down and play the piano gorgeously despite not having touched an instrument since before college days. It just doesn't work like that! I could see him being able to pick something out, sort of noodle away with chord progressions and stuff, or do a passable sight-reading of something, but no way he'd simply sit down and wow everyone.

*thinks some more* Honestly, I think I skipped most of the episodes that were Rodney-centric, so my grasp on relevant canon is pretty fuzzy.

Er. Wait. I remember! He's not an omni-genius engineer/computer hacker/skill-required-by-plot. Which of course would tear huge holes in half the episodes, but it's always annoyed me. Sam Carter suffers from that a bit too, as I remember. (Like the time she wound up assisting with an autopsy...)

So that's, what, 2.5 total? Probably as close as I'm going to get without doing a rewatch of the whole show.