review: stomp!

Went to see this Sunday--was breathtaking, spellbinding, awe-inspiring, toe-tapping, laugh-out-loud, grin-until-your-face-hurts, etc. And downright infectious--I spent the hour ride home afterward drumming my fingers and tapping my feet. Definitely best seen/heard/felt (parts of the show are very LOUD) in person, but this'll give you an idea of what it was like:
At the Merriam theater in Philly. Which is a fairly small place, so we had a great view despite being in the first balcony (2nd tier? whatever it's called).

They must all be exhausted after a show--I can't imagine how they manage to do two in one day, as they were scheduled for on Sunday. Just sleep in between, perhaps? And eat a lot of protein?
I love Stomp! I've seen them at their NYC theater and I have tickets to their show when they come to my town this summer.
If they'd been sticking around in Philadelphia for longer than a week, I'd have been sorely tempted to go a second time, despite the price of the tickets. Some things are worth it, you know?

(Well, obviously you do, if you're going to the touring show as well!)