I have a story that's all but finished. If I could just get myself to type up the last page of handwritten stuff....

you know it's spring when

all the snow melts
the bulbs start peeking through the ground
robins start to sing
batman takes down mr. freeze *and* the penguin but poison ivy's on the loose
the sun's actually out when you're home from work/school
Heh, for us, we know it's spring when it's June. Any other time, the sun could be out, the trees budding, the flowers blooming and two days later we get our biggest snow dump ;)
Yeah, I guess it's sort of a regional thing--although my personal measure of spring is the amount of sunlight. The rest of it's nice, but what I notice most is whether or not I have to walk home from work in the dark. Once I'm not doing that anymore, regardless of the weather, it's spring.
Hey, Batman has realised the Footy has started. No real fan would pass up the chance to see his team play (OF COURSE Batman supports Collingwood! WHO ELSE would he barrack for?). ;-)
You know I'm trying to convert you, right? :D
Well, the sun's never *actually* out when I leave work (at 10:30pm), but I chose the item which seems to be true the earliest (especially in WNY, and especially this year!!). If I had to wait until ALL the snow melted, I'd barely even get a spring before summer came along!
Yeah--my dad's said the same thing about growing up in New England, where spring's about three weeks long, if that. Although Pennsylvania seems to be making a go at matching that this year....