christmas stories for everyone!

who wants one, at any rate. Leave any sort of prompt (picture, bit of poetry, your standard "x character in y situation", 10 minutes after x story, etc.) for original fiction or any fandom I've written for and I'll write at least 100 words for it sometime over the next eleven days. Leave multiple prompts, and I'll try for all of them (at once or separately, depending on how the fancy strikes me)! First one goes up tonight--well, tomorrow; I got distracted by Christmas presents.

Have a very happy Christmas, everyone!

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Merry Christmas and many, many blessings, my dear!!

How about something brief, in which the Eleventh Doctor encounters the original nativity (or some peripheral part of it)? That would suit my Christmas mood exactly! ^^
It's a marvelous argument for bringing back caroling as a seasonal institution--if everyone could be taught to sing so beautifully. :P