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Part poll, part meme: the two fiction communities I've written for in the past are both having amnesty challenges, which means write about any prompt they've ever had. Ever. And I mean to spend my free time this month doing just that, because I have a whole bunch of stories I started for these in the past and just didn't finish, for whatever reason. But I'd also like to do some true flash fics as Christmas presents for people, so if there's something you'd like to see me write, and you can think of a way to make it fit one of the themes below, ask away! Be as laconic or long-winded as you like, and I shall disappear from the internet for a while in a whole-hearted attempt to fulfill your desire. (Stuff that's in bold already has a story started for it, although I'll try to write an additional story if you really really want one.)

This is going to be epic. I can feel it in my bones.

For imaginarybeasts, I may also write any combination of themes.

Book #01: Imaginary Beasts
Book #02: Love Story
Book #03: Cyberpunk
Book #04: Heatwave
Book #05: Ghost Story
Book #06: Fairy Tales
Book #07: Magic + Science
Book #08: Gendertwist
Book #09: Steampunk
Book #10: Travel
Book #11: School Stories
Book #12: Mythology
Book #14: Carnivale
Book #15: Cities
Book #16: Rogues and Scoundrels
Book #17: Monsters
Book #18: Winter
Book #19: Apocalypse/Dystopia
Book #20: Heaven and Hell
Book #21: Wuxia
Book #22: Oceans and Seas
Book #23: Crime and Punishment
Book #24: Flight

Oh man, sga_flashfic has been around a long time.

1 challenge: 38 minutes
2 challenge: 7 deadly sins
3 challenge: a picture's worth 1000 words
4 challenge: abandonment
5 challenge: amtdi
6 challenge: ancient history
7 challenge: animal
8 challenge: animal vegetable or mineral
9 challenge: backstory
10 challenge: bad sex
11 challenge: bloody
12 challenge: body modification
13 challenge: buildings and food
14 challenge: burning up
15 challenge: cake or death
16 challenge: city exploration
17 challenge: comfort
18 challenge: continuing education
19 challenge: coping mechanism
20 challenge: criminal
21 challenge: crossing
22 challenge: culture clash
23 challenge: dangling
24 challenge: dark side
25 challenge: darkness
26 challenge: dating
27 challenge: debriefing
28 challenge: documentation
29 challenge: doppelganger
30 challenge: drunken/alcohol
31 challenge: earthside
32 challenge: enclosed spaces
33 challenge: esp
34 challenge: exhaustion
35 challenge: f**king freezing
36 challenge: fairy tale
37 challenge: family
38 challenge: fight or flight
39 challenge: first aid
40 challenge: first contact
41 challenge: first night
42 challenge: five things
43 challenge: folklore
44 challenge: fork in the road
45 challenge: gift
46 challenge: gods and monsters
47 challenge: h/c
48 challenge: halloween
49 challenge: harlequin
50 challenge: in memoriam
51 challenge: inhuman intelligence
52 challenge: kidfic
53 challenge: left behind
54 challenge: masks and masquerade
55 challenge: men and machines
56 challenge: missing persons
57 challenge: mission report
58 challenge: must be dreaming
59 challenge: not dead yet
60 challenge: not happening
61 challenge: not human
62 challenge: personal item
63 challenge: phone calls
64 challenge: post secret
65 challenge: post secret redux
66 challenge: return
67 challenge: role reversal
68 challenge: scars
69 challenge: school
70 challenge: search & seizure
71 challenge: second verse
72 challenge: secret superpower
73 challenge: sex drugs and rock & roll
74 challenge: shark
75 challenge: sickness
76 challenge: skeevy ancients
76 challenge: skirt
77 challenge: slave
78 challenge: song and dance
79 challenge: strange new worlds & alien geographies
80 challenge: stuck on you
81 challenge: supernatural
82 challenge: swimming
83 challenge: team
84 challenge: vacation
85 challenge: villains
86 challenge: virgin
87 challenge: voyeurism
88 challenge: ways to die
89 challenge: wish fulfillment
90 challenge: wordless
Tags: meme/poll, writing about writing

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