I was tickled pink to have an excuse to drag it out and dust it off. It just gets better with rewatching. :D
Oh, my. That one's new to me--thanks for posting! Yeah, so glad I didn't grow up on a farm. Joe seems to have overcome the trauma, though! Perhaps it's incidents like these which he draws upon for his more intense performances.... ;P
There's another hilarious bit from the same session where he talks about his hair--have you seen it?
Oh, yes--the hair video clip is so classic, even a generally clueless fan such as myself couldn't have missed it! In fact, I showed it to my 14-year-old goddaughter just last week and she loved it too. She's working her way through Season 2 of SGA right now, and has a fancrush on Joe/John (of course!). I told her about Joe's turkey story, and she was suitably appalled, so I don't think I'll show her that clip. Poor, poor wee Joe!
Hazard of growing up on a farm/ranch, I suppose--my dad had a pet cow that got turned into a rug because she was a very poor milker. (Although his family also had a large flock of ducks that were supposed to have been for meat, but were so friendly my grandfather couldn't bear to kill them.)
His pet turned into a rug? Ouch!! That's gotta be a whole special level of horror. Though I greatly respect those who have the courage and stamina to live off the land, I'm really glad I've never had those kind of life or death experiences--or had to expose my kids to them!
Well, a rug and a couple beef dinners. :P

He never seemed particularly upset by it when he told us kids about it--I don't know if it's because he's had time to get over it, or because Daisy consistently made a poor showing at the 4H fairs.