fly away

poem by me: untitled

down by the sea--
i long to be
there again,
with the wind
and the salt
and the funny little birds
that run along the surf
in search of crabs
and other small things to eat,
and the endless sky that stretches out forever over the

o, i love thee,
my native wooded land,
you of hills and farms and growing things;
you have my heart,
ever and always,
my bones, my breath--
but the sea sings softly in my dreams
(ever and always).
It's so hard to comment on your poetry, my dear. It so often puts me under a little spell that I don't want to break by attempting a verbal response that's bound to be clumsy and inaccurate.... But really, each one has something wonderful about it, and they never fail to make me stop and feel something. Thank you!!
*squishes you* This means so much to me--usually I look at what I've written, wonder if it makes any sort of sense, and then post it anyway on the off chance that it does. So I'm thrilled that at least one person sees something in these.
I really do appreciate them, and I really do get tongue-tied trying to comment. But I'm glad I did manage to say something this time around. You absolutely ought to be encouraged to continue writing poetry as well as prose--your unique style and outlook really brings something special to both genres. *return squishes!*
True confession: most of my poems get written at work, waiting for my veeeeery slow computer to start up in the mornings. (A lot of my doodles as well, come to think of it.)