Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
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time for some fall cleaning

So. I very much want to get all my fic under control and into a comprehensive, easy to find and read format. Currently most things are on my Google Site, but I despise the content management system. Which is one reason I haven't outdated it recently. Also, their customizations stink, which is why the thing's so ugly. I would make the switch to Wordpress in a heartbeat, but someone's already snagged 'bratfarrar' as a user name, so I can't turn it into an URL, which is very nearly infuriating because they HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING WITH IT. Can't even find any comments authored by them. Argh.

So if I used Wordpress, I'd have to come up with a different URL. I've always been "bratfarrar" (except my very first Xanga account, back when we were still stuck with dial-up, but that doesn't count), so I haven't the foggiest what I'd use as an alternative. "gentle-edgar" won't do, because they don't allow hyphens or underscores, and "gentleedgar" just looks weird. Hm. Suggestions would be much appreciated.

If I can't come up with a substitute to use for Wordpress, I could always make the switch to Dreamwidth. I have the user name already, so that's good. But part of what I love about Wordpress is that you can have multiple static pages and layers of static pages, as well as (depending on the theme) the categories (which function like tags do here) showing up in a submenu at the top, instead of being relegated to the sidebar. And it would be much easier to add banners and illustrations and such to stories, which I've been itching to try my hand at for ages.

Oh, and just to make things more complicated, I do have an Archive Of Our Own (AO3) account, although I'm not particularly enamored of their layout and content management either. I suppose I could (should?) switch to them, at least as a back up of the backup, but I'd really rather not. I've been contemplating yanking my stuff anyway, although the (empty) promise of permanency is tempting.

Um. Help?

Batman sez:

keep the Google site!
switch to Dreamwidth!
dump everything into AO3!
Wordpress all the way, baby!

If Wordpress, what should I use for the url?

And yes, "Batman sez" is a total cheat, I know. Next poll will have a good Batman option. I promise.
Tags: meme/poll

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