not a poll or a meme

Just a question: how does one balance real life and the internet? Because I seem to be failing horribly at it. Also email, wherever that fits in.
Good question :S For me the Internet kept eating my brain like something fierce, until an accumulation of negative experiences on the Internet, various emotional issues (it was not a good year last year) and over a month of not having a lot of Net access and so coming to realize that "hey, I get a lot done when I don't have Internet to distract me!" I ended up toning down my Net addiction. I'm not on it for as long as I used to be (i.e. all day), and if I'm not able to get on (say during a power failure) it's no longer a big deal.

But there's also not a lot I do on the Internet. Go to LJ, search for stories to read on LJ and, check out LOL Cats and on occasion maybe watch something on Youtube if there's something I want to watch. After that, I'm done and will go and do other things.

So... get really, really mad at the Internet for eating up so much of your time? Or maybe cut down on Internet activities. Or maybe develop a schedule. I'll get on the Internet at the start of the day, then get on it again at night, around ten PM or so. In between, I write and so other stuff. I'm not saying use that particular schedule, that's just an example.
Why do you think I haven't posted anything! I'm going mad at the moment (stupid thyroid isn't fixed yet!) and I just can't get my scheduling right :(