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I've been sort of shredding myself this past week, trying to write and doing pretty much everything except that (lots and lots of reading, mostly, and a disgusting amount of that was the kind of stuff that really wasn't worth reading; why, self, why?), but I think--I think I've turned a corner and am headed back towards where I'm supposed to be going. Which is probably not all that comforting to my betas (still draftless) and my mixer & artist (still waiting for all the holes to be filled), but hey. I just figured out a bit of character motivation that's been utterly lacking, I've been poking at a couple of other stories I'd forgotten about, and I feel somewhat at peace for the first time in a week. More than a week.

And I need to go to bed.

And in the morning I need to email a bunch of people (one person in particular) and tell them that yes, I'm still here, and it's not that I'm ignoring them, I've just been trying to piece back together the inside of my head.

It's still a mess, but maybe it'll get better if I just keep plugging away at it.
Tags: writing about writing

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