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stuff (and questions about stuff)

1. i have spent the past week and a half at work entering 15 years worth of invoices into spreadsheets. i intend to not even look at a computer for the rest of the weekend. there was going to be a poll about this (batman sez: brat! stay off the computer!) but decided it was superfluous. my eyeballs are too annoyed at me for anyone else's opinion to matter at the moment.

2. anyway, i spend way too much of my time at home staring at my computer screen. it eats into my writing time. need to figure out some way to stop that.

3. beta people! i have not sent you a draft (although i did send the originalbigbang mods a draft) because it's currently too full of holes to make sense to anyone but me. will work on remedying that this weekend while not on the computer. i think better on paper anyway.

4. wait, this is supposed to be a meme/poll, isn't it? um. how about a discussion question instead? i've been wondering about this a lot recently: how do you decide what stuff to keep or get rid of? mostly i struggle with this in connection to books/dvds/cds. actually, no. that's not the issue. the issue is what stuff to buy in the first place. what criteria do you use to decide whether to buy a book/dvd/cd? right now mine is basically that i keep thinking 'oh hey, i'd like to read/watch/listen to such-and-such' over a significant length of time, such as a month or longer. or i borrow it from the library 5+ times. what about you guys? and how about the whole paperback vs. hardback thing? (or digital vs. hard copy? me, i'm hard copy all the way, baby. matter is good.)

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Tags: meme/poll

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