in which there is a turtle ball

no, not that kind of ball, this kind of ball:

(he's actually on his fifth book, he's just returned the others to the library.)
We had a set-up like this for our hermit crabs, back when we had a couple of largish ones, and the best part was when they'd run into something, because they'd keep climbing up the side of the wheel-thingy until they reached the top, at which point the whole thing would roll back once, just far enough for them to run into the wall or whatever again. And they never seemed to notice, just kept crawling...

The turtle would definitely notice if that happened to him.
*laughs and laughs*

Oh, that is too funny. Utterly serious (and infuriating) in context, of course, but charmingly ridiculous out it. And maybe some people wound up watching the actual speech who wouldn't have otherwise (I know I did! Not that I needed to be convinced).