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check it out - ficcage!

For the first time in 4 months (gosh, has it really been that long?) I have posted a bit of fic (f-locked, like all my WIPs--just comment and I'll add you)! Part 3 of Things Already Seen, in which things start to go a little differently than they did the first time, and John has a couple of conversations with people other than himself.

I like this part.

And just in case anyone's wondering: all my listed WIPs are still WIPs and not dead. Just hibernating. I fully intend to finish each and every one of them, it just might take a while. Right now Things Already Seen is at the top of the stack, but after it's done (which, admittedly, will not be anytime soon: I am slow) I'll probably do a poll to see what people are most interested in. Just so's you know. But I am feeling more inclined to write than I have for months and months, so that's good.
Tags: all fiction, alternate universes, fanfiction, stargate

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