fic: Breakfast Eggs [labyrinth]

My first official fanfic! Not that it's much of one. It's not really a story--more of a snapshot. In the movie Labyrinth, the goblin king never actually sits. He's always moving, always filling as much space as possible. And for some reason there are chickens all over the place. So here's what my brain produced when fed these two observations.

In which the egg definitely comes first, or Why there are chickens all over the place in the goblin kingdom.

Väinö is entirely mine. Jareth isn't.


Jareth sprawled. Given any piece of furniture, he made it his own. The only time he would constrain himself to a position which might be considered "sitting" was at high court. Every time Väinö saw him there, he was almost frightened by Jareth’s almost visible self-control–not that it ever went past almost. Jareth had too much skill to ever display the amount of control he held over himself.

However, that potential-filled stillness could not be seen at the moment. Jareth was currently draped over a chair, heedless of everything but the remnants of his eggs. Everyone else had left, leaving him alone at a table full of half-empty plates, although he showed no signs of being at all bothered by this.

Väinö leaned against the doorway, watching with fond amusement. Few people got to see this side of Jareth. The world saw him only as the ice prince, the goblin king, master of the great game, the second oldest sovereign in the Seelie court. Väinö knew very well that Jareth was all these things and more, but he would also always think of him as his (much) older cousin who ate his breakfast eggs with something akin to fanatical devotion.

Perhaps that explained why he allowed his kingdom to be overrun by chickens.
^^ I find myself feeling very fond of this little snippet! ...Er, not the least reason being the opportunity to mentally picture Jareth. I have, um, a wee crush on him. *blush* Plus, who doesn't have a fanatical devotion to eggs?!! They are so very yummy! lol
Oh--I'd almost forgotten about this. I actually had a whole universe sort of planned around this: extensive backstory for Jareth, a bunch of OCs (which is sort of necessary when your canon has a very limited number of well-defined characters), history, politics, a weird sort-of crossover with Harry Potter, a little romance, a little angst, a little torture....

Yeah, it would have been pretty impressive if I'd ever made it past the planning stage and actually written something.
I do believe it would have been impressive!! It's a wonderful universe, and one with almost limitless possibilities once you move the POV from an outsider like Sarah to a goblin-kingdom native.