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reviews: the book of imaginary beasts (21)

imaginarybeasts book 21: wuxia
Serving Grace - An extra in the story winds up in the thick of it. The author sells the POV beautifully, and sketches out the plot with a light but sure touch. I would gladly read the larger story within which this takes place.
The Rooster and the Flute - This would make an excellent little kung-fu movie. You can almost see the fight scenes unfold, and the dialog is most amusing.
In Media Res - The plot is a little unclear (or maybe I'm just dim; that's quite possible too), but the character interactions are great fun and the settings & actions scenes deftly drawn, so it doesn't really matter.

Also, saw Inception a couple of weeks back, and it was quite good. Definitely worth a rewatch or two--Nolan's movies are all so densely written/shot that I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff the first time through. Worth watching just for the scenes that make use of Escher-esque ... um ... geometry? Physics? I dunno, but it's pretty spectacular.
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